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WTA: made her first final in five years

UBHA: FIVE PLEASANT SURPRISES IN 2015 With a good chunk of the 2015 WTA season already in the books, wtatennis.com contributor Ravi Ubha takes a look back at five of the most pleasant surprises so far.

WTA: a talent for visual arts

DULGHERU: AN ARTIST ON & OFF THE COURT Playing her first WTA-level match in exactly one year, Alexandra Dulgheru won her opener at Indian Wells on Thursday. But her artistry extends far beyond the tennis court – onto the canvas, in fact.

WTA: She’s hitting again

DULGHERU REVITALIZED & READY TO RETURN… It has been a difficult year for Alexandra Dulgheru, but there have been a lot of smiles too. BUCHAREST, Romania – A few years ago, Alexandra Dulgheru was one of the biggest breakout stars on the WTA

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