My housing experience in Charleston at the Volvo Car Open

Charlestown was overall a very good experience. I had the pleasure of staying in housing during the tournament. There are a few tournaments that offer it and it’s great to have it

What a final!

I long expected another historical grand slam final between these two legends which I admire most. No matter who won,I just wanted to watch the tennis these two can offer and they certainly did not disappoint.I am super happy for Roger for winning his 18th grand slam and his pure

Good first week

I am happy I had a good first week at my first tournament after 7 months of not competing. 6 matches in a row is a good sign. I had to quit in the final though because I had an ankle problem which appeared right after the quarterfinals. I think

Video updates :)

Check it out. I’m going on tour soon. 🙂 #tennis #wta #itf  

Colesterolul LDL poate fi transmis genetic

Știați că riscul de a avea un nivel ridical al colesterolului LDL poate fi transmis genetic? De aceea, valorea colesterolului meu LDL momentan nu se încadrează în limitele optime, deși sunt sportivă și am un stil de viață sănătos. Vă sfătuiesc ca indiferent de vârstă, greutate sau stil de viață,

Află şi tu ce rol important are colesterolului LDL

Pentru un sportiv sănătatea este foarte importantă. De aceea, eu nu ţin cont doar de numărul meciurilor jucate, ci şi de numărul colesterolului meu LDL. Află şi tu ce rol important are colesterolului LDL pe #StiuCatAm


I love the winter holidays. Hope you all have a great time with your loved ones. I sure will. Merry Christmas and a super New Year to all of you! Alex

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