On AIR @ Radio Gold FM

Monday morning I was invited at Radio Gold FM’s (96,9) to talk about the tennis life, what I am doing at the moment and my future plans.

The show, Gold Morning is hosted by Gianina Corondan, Radu Buzaianu and Mihai Cioceanu. Gianina and Radu asked the questions about the tennis and behind the scenes gossip, while Mihai was more interested in my favourite music.

I’ll give you a brief 🙂

  1. How to cope with injuries – well, I’m a pro by now.
  2. Future tournaments – the doctor says I should be good to start playing on tour starting January. I am still recovering and training everyday, doing rehabilitation and playing tennis. Hoping everything will go as planned, I should be ready to start competing. Stay tuned for more information.
  3. Behind the scenes gossip – I was asked about the famous Maria Sharapova and how she is off court, in the locker rooms. I like and admire Maria for her passion for tennis. She’s cool.
  4. Career moments – oh, that first WTA title… Always great to talk about it.

I had a great time. Check out the photos.

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