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The BNP Paribas Open prides itself on getting the fans closer to the action than any other tournament. And one young nephew had a behind-the-scenes experience beyond his wildest dreams…

The Ultimate Indian Wells Backstage Pass

INDIAN WELLS, CA, USA – The BNP Paribas Open prides itself on getting the fans closer to the action than any other tournament. However, for Alexandra Dulgheru‘s young nephew, Benjamin, his Indian Wells experience was beyond his wildest dreams…

Benjamin is my nephew. He is five years old, absolutely loves being around the tennis courts and tennis players in general. He’s a big fan of Rafael Nadal – he is a leftie as well, owns a mini version of Nadal’s racquet and was ecstatic to meet Nadal in person at Indian Wells.

Benjamin has been traveling to tennis tournaments on and off since he was 18 months… but now he is able to understand what is going on and truly enjoys spending time with me and my fellow players on the tennis courts or the gym or even on the warm up field. He is so excited to participate in all the activities players engage in and takes in everything like a sponge.

His dream is that one day he will play on a big court like Stadium 1 at Indian Wells and lots of people will come watch him play. As a matter of fact, he was really impressed by how everyone on the grounds at Indian Wells knew who Nadal was and that they were all chanting his name as he was walking by.

Simona Halep, Alexandra Dulgheru

Simona Halep, Alexandra Dulgheru


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